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Featured poets include:

Lianne Spidel
Lee Rossi
Jacqueline Berger
Claudia Carlson
Lee Robinson
Francis Poole
Temple Cone
Gaylord Brewer
Karen Holmberg
Andrea Potos
Brent Pallas
Wendy Miles
Robert Carl Williams
Lori Wilson
Teresa Cader
Thomas Reiter
Rachel M. Simon
Mark DeFoe
Dixie Partridge
Robert Cording
Starkey Flythe, Jr.
Dwaine Reives
Michelle Gillett
Roger Jones

Steven Luke Hankins

Elizabeth Kerlikowske
Marilyn Annucci
Elizabeth Poreba
John Setliffe Bourne
John Bensko
Michael Jones
Leslie Williams
Matt Patterson
Rawdon Tomlinson
Greg Rappleye
Paul Dickey
Veronica Patterson



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